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Clinically researched by the scientists and clinicians at Baycrest to answer the question, for adults age 50 to 79, "Is my memory normal or should I see my doctor?" Includes an action plan for all test takers personalized to complement the results of their Assessment. AND, if a doctor’s visit is recommended, a report specially designed for the family doctor to help make that first consultation a productive one.

Your Personalized brain health action plan.

Science-based tips and tools for healthy adults who want to keep their memories sharp and for family caregivers who want to provide even better care for those they love. And a report designed for family doctors should you wish to have that conversation

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Scientifically Validated

Researched by Baycrest, a global research leader for cognitive neuroscience in the area of memory and aging.

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Your report goes only to you; you decide whether to share the information and with whom. About 20 minutes to complete from any computer in the world with internet access.

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