Business and Government

Cogniciti’s mission: to help the millions of adults with significant memory concerns get earlier assessment, diagnosis and treatment. To help the tens of millions of adults with normal memory loss find peace-of-mind and effective coping tools. To help family caregivers better support loved ones with dementia. And to help keep cognitive healthcare affordable through science and technology innovations.

This is important work. And complex. The solutions lie, we believe, in collaborative efforts grounded in science.

Cogniciti brings to the table our cognitive measurement tool and the experience of Baycrest, the world’s leader in cognitive neuroscience in the area of memory and aging. We are looking to team with similarly-minded businesses and governments. We’ve listed a few ideas below to help better frame the opportunities we see. Do these strike a chord within your organization? Or do you see even better collaborations? If so, please contact us at We’d welcome a phone call or meeting to explore.

Benefit Providers and Organizations With Large Workforces: Reduce workplace absenteeism and long-term disability costs by proactively managing mental health by incorporating brain health assessment into your annual medicals.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Healthcare Funders: Drive the early diagnosis, and resulting improved outcomes/lower treatment costs, for depression, anxiety and early-stage dementia.

Digital and Other Brain Health Coping Tools: Enhance your service and/or expand your reach by teaming with Cogniciti to provide a) coping tools for healthy adults who want to better deal with age-related forgetfulness, and b) tracking tools for older adults who would like to safely live longer in their homes.