Cogniciti Research Registry


Answers To Questions You Might Have

What type of research projects are there?
There are many types of brain health research taking place. Some are for basic research to study how the brain functions, some are for drug trials, some are for medical devices, and some are for Internet tools like the Cogniciti Brain Health Assessment you just completed. Research volunteers can participate in some studies from their homes while other studies require going to a test location. The Cogniciti Research Registry brings researchers together with potential volunteers, making it easier for people interested in contributing to medical research to become involved.
Does Cogniciti have any involvement in the research projects?
No. Cogniciti is often approached by researchers looking for assistance in finding volunteers, but all research is completely independent of Cogniciti. Cogniciti reviews research projects to determine if the research criteria provided aligns with the profiles of our Research Registry volunteers.
What are the benefits of registering?
Researchers are constantly looking for volunteers for their studies. Registering helps put you at the front-of-the-line to participate in studies that fit your age, location, and health history and that may be of interest to you.
What does registering commit me to?
Only to being contacted by Cogniciti should your profile fit the needs of a specific research study. Cogniciti will provide you with an overview of the study and the name of the organization conducting it. If, for any reason, you prefer not to participate, the process ends there; none of your personal information will be shared. If you are interested in participating, Cogniciti will provide your personal information to the researcher for screening purposes and so that they may contact you to obtain your informed consent to participate in the research study. Your participation is strictly voluntary and you may withdraw your consent at any time during the process.
If I agree to be contacted by a research organization does that guarantee that I will be enrolled in their study?
No, it does not. The research organization might have research criteria that does not fit your background and that can only be determined once they have received your personal information and/or speak with you. It is possible that you will not be contacted at all, in which case, the researcher is required to return or securely destroy your personal information. You might decide, after speaking to the researcher, that the study is not right for you.
What personal information will Cogniciti provide to the research organization?
With your consent, we will provide your name, city, email address, age, gender, education and health history, as well as your Cogniciti brain health scores.
Will I get paid for enrolling in a research project?
This depends on the study. This, along with other details of the project will be outlined in the study overview that you will have the opportunity to review prior to making your decision to participate.
Is there a cost to join Cogniciti Research Registry?
If I change my mind in the future can I take my name off the registry?
Yes. At any time and for any reason. Simply email